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Why would you take lessons from a “Place” or a “company” when you can take lessons from “a real artist” at “a real studio?” Only a dork would do that! Right?

Why do my classes cost a little more? Because they are worth it!!!!!!!

Are you serious about learning to paint or draw? Or do you just want to have fun? These workshops are for those who would like to do both!

At my Studio, students may choose to paint or draw outdoors, along the spring-fed creek, around the pool, resting comfortably along the sprawling porches, in the shade of large trees, along the creek or Colorado River. Or in the winter, there’s an outdoor fireplace to warm by!

Or in warmer weather, I’ll guide each student in my spacious studio, with individual attention to your levels of expertise and what you’d most like to learn, explore and perfect!~~ I will stroll from student to student, giving feedback, answering questions, guiding you all the way with enthusiasm and support!”

“Why do my classes cost a little more? Because they are worth it!!!!!!!” They offer more than the usual art course taught by local “artists” who are working for a pittance on the hour, where MOST (usually well over 50%) of your tuition goes to the institution where classes take place; as this type of class usually gives little incentive for the instructors to inspire each student individually or to focus on each student’s overall success!

Would you like to try a variety of subject matter or just the one of your choice? It’s up to you with my workshops! Explore abstraction with expert guidance on “what makes for quality and interest in the work of Modern Masters?” Or venture into the most sumptuous still life you never knew you could produce!

An expressive portrait of a loved one?–Do you know how to do this? I can teach you at whatever level you are, and choose to achieve! We’ll cover the basics thoroughly, if you haven’t had them or pick up where you left off with individual growth in whatever medium you choose. You will be able to visit art museums with a deeper understanding of what is involved in “making good art!”

For painting beginners: Color theory and all the other formal elements of good design and expression, if you haven’t had them; or in Drawing we will explore shading, line, contour, perspective, techniques, proportion, and the many styles of drawing with a variety of tools and mediums (charcoal, pencil, pastels, ink, etc.)!

My workshops are designed to give students the most for their money! You won’t be rushed to follow a rigid curriculum as you might be at other places; but to explore your own creativity within a beautiful relaxing retreat environment.”